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As Austrian registrars and exhibition managers we handle exhibition organisation and production in a museum, also all questions relating to museum collecting. Registrars and exhibition managers are (not only but also) responsible for the care of collection objects, the support of potential lenders for an exhibition, the drawing up of loan contracts, tenders for transport and insurance as well as insurance registrations, loan transactions and correspondence, setup and administration of the exhibition budget, the organisation and monitoring of the installation and taking down of exhibitions.

A key qualification in our profession: communication. Namely, in as wide a context as possible. A working day when, in the space of one hour, we are on the telephone to an art-loving member of the English royal family, a decorator who has to repaint an exhibition wall from mid- to dark grey, an art-collecting rock star and lender for the next exhibition, and a transport agent who is assigned to ship an entire exhibition overseas is not an exception in our job but the normal state of affairs.

To illustrate this, we started a dictionary with definitions of technical terms and established words, the "Registrar ABC":

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