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We are ARC

Austrian Registrars Committee is the association of Austrian registrars and exhibition managers. The name “ARC” stands for the connective character of our profession. Like an arc, or arch, bridge, interface, pivot and platform, all “strands” of the ongoing exhibition and collection operations merge together in the person of a registrar and exhibition manager.

We are pursuing three main objectives with our association ARC – Austrian Registrars Committee:


Working backstage in a museum or exhibition venue doesn’t mean that we have to remain out of sight and mind with our activities and task areas. We are proud of what we do and most of all how we do it - and we want to show it!


We are a network! ARC is a platform for the national and international networking of our professional sector and provides services as a memory and contact point for museums and collection contacts at home and abroad.
Network intenational, Supporters, Links of interest

Training and Ongoing Education

Learning by doing – that’s all very well, but: as workers in the culture sector we exercise great responsibility in handling an exceptionally valuable, fragile and unique property: art and cultural heritage. With a view to standardisation and transparency, we engage in education and the exchange of experience and knowledge in all the task areas relating to museums, exhibitions and collecting.

Work with us

You want to take part in developing and expanding ARC? This would be terrific! Participation and ideas are highly welcome! Please contact us via arc@austrianregistrars.at. We are looking forward to your active support!

June 8-10, 2016, Vienna

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